Program of Your Total Change

As children we were taught that school education, and all that is generally accepted as “good” guarantees a happy life. Hard work was supposed to assure financial security to us, and college education – appropriate professional status and respect. The grade system was supposed to build our feeling of self-worth.

When you take a look around, you will notice something completely different.
How many of your friends who worked hard in the elementary school, high school and graduated from college – do not work in their professional field?
How many of your acquaintances work hard at a workplace they do not like, and for the pay that is too small to provide a good life?
How many of the people you know dreamed of a happy family, while their relations did not pass the test of time?
How many of the people you met believed that while reaching adulthood they would become independent and happy, whereas today they try to improve their mood using alcohol or drugs?
How many of your friends (and maybe you yourself) are pursuing life feeling that it is not their dream voyage at all?

You know that life does not have to be just dull, gray daily existence. It can be different than only working to make a living and to make ends meet – in constant stress. Life can be something else than giving up dreams and desires just to struggle with credits and obligations. There is definitely a life worth living, to which you are invited, even though you have not yet found your own way to happiness. It does not really matter that you have not yet made the money that will give you the feeling of security, or that your relations have been unsuccessful. All that does not matter because it is the past tense. You must not give up your future happiness, your personal growth, your family or your abundance, only because you failed at something in the past.

Thinking about all that and analyzing both my own experiences s well as lives of other people, functioning in business for over 25 years, working both for myself and for corporations, living through relations that did not work out, to reach success both in my family life and in the professional sphere – I have created a program of total change.


It is not typical training… The Power of Life is a journey over life in which the stops are accomplishments and failures, and the destination station is a happy life – a life you yourself can be in charge of. I am your guide in this journey. I will lead you so that you will understand and discover the power you have within yourself, and you will be able to take most vital decisions. You will understand where you are today and why. You will reach a transition in the five areas of happiness in order to live your life to the full 100 per cent.


– wants to improve the quality of his/her life;
– wants to achieve financial security;
– wants to build and maintain sound relations;
– seeks spiritual poise;
– needs motivation for keeping a healthy mode of life;
– desires to develop his/her potential and increase his/her strengths;
– wants his/her dreams to come true;
– is ready to take a job in order to find his/her life goal.

  1. DEVELOPMENT – you will use the power received from working on yourself
  2. FINANCES  – you will start making more money; money will have the right meaning for you
  3. RELATIONS – you will build sound relations with your relatives, and you will care for them
  4. SPIRITUALITY – you will develop spiritual power to achieve whatever you want
  5. HEALTH – you will have the motivation to care for and to develop your body

Our common journey will last three days. During this journey you will acquire skills and new competences. You will gain access to tools that will optimize your effectiveness.

During our journey:

  • You will find the tools that will raise the current quality of your life to a higher level
  • You will gain the necessary knowledge and you will learn how to use your own potential – you will maximize your potential
  • You will change your way of thinking. Your life will acquire a totally new dimension
  • You will learn ways of achieving success that have already been checked and confirmed by me and a lot of my students
  • You will gain competences that will consciously allow you to reach inner poise
  • You will learn competences that will consciously allow you to reach financial security



Our life changes in one moment; that moment is the turning point.  There are, of course, lots of events, there is passage of time – but the change happens in one moment.


Our journey started on the day of our birth and it is still going on.  We do this journey in various ways: sometimes alone, and sometimes in a certain company.  We do this trip in two worlds connected with each other: the inner world and the outer world.  We do not realize that our inner conditions influence what the journey looks like outside.


The transition should be permanent.  That is why on day two we work on programming our mind in such a way that what had been worked out could come alive in us.

The effect of our journey will be your way into the future, related to you and your happiness.  It will be a road that only you can travel.  Together with you, I will prepare the roadmap into the future.  You will be ready to use the plan of action that will become your guide over your new and better life.

You are invited – I am ready to share my Time and my Word with you…


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