Łukasz Milewski
Łukasz Milewski Milewscy & Partners
What can I say about a man who has such deep faith in people? I could say a lot... In my life I have worked with the best teachers in the world, such as Tony Robbins or Nick Vujicic, and also the best in Poland. Everyone of them has something absolutely unique about them, but none of them has such a deep and even superhuman faith in your capabilities. I regard Andrzej Cichocki as one of the TOP 10 best teachers in the world that I have had the privilege of working with.
Zbigniew Suszyński
Zbigniew Suszyński Actor
Andrzej – To me „the power of peacefulness”, he has that special „something” which in today's world is rare and extremely valuable. Peacefulness with a capital „P”. This peacefulness is credibility, trust, the truth, and at the same time, which is strange, his sensitive and warm eyes that contrast his face... This incredible mixture makes you want to talk to him, be with him and... trust him. That's important in life as well as in business. Summing up – a great guy.
Hubert Olborski
Over the course of 12 years of our acquaintanceship I have had the privilege of taking part in both Andrzej's professional and private life. He gave me the possibility to get to know him as a great manager, being the board member as well as the director of AXA, he managed groups of people working on high posts, achieving fantastic results. I have also had the chance to get to know him as a great father of his children, for whom he has set a perfect example and given a recipe on how to become a „GOOD PERSON”. Thanks to these many years of knowing Andrzej I have learned a lot from him, I am richer in knowledge as well as life experience.
Paweł Dyllus
Paweł Dyllus Director
I met Andrzej Cichocki 2 years ago. We spent some time together visiting correctional facilities, where Andrzej conducted meetings filled with passion. I saw how the hearts of tough guys became more gentle. When Andrzej and His Father were telling their life story in one of the correctional facilities, I saw hope come alive in those inmates – Hope that DIFFERENT is possible. The thing I admire most in Andrzej is his FAITH, PASSION, DISCIPLINE AND DETERMINATION. I know that Andrzej is an Apostle who lifts people out of the gutter and gives them an opportunity to open the door to joy that they had lost. I am proud that I can personally know such a man as Andrzej Cichocki.
dr Adriana Pogoda-Kołodziejak
Meeting with Mr Andrzej Cichocki, to me is, first of all, building a positive attitude towards reality. Our students were delighted with the meeting which was conducted as part of the project „Studies...and what next?!” and they asked for more. Mr Andrzej's openness, radiating peacufulness, honesty as well as a very concrete way of presenting topics are traits of a good coach. Our students received knowledge and support from the BEST- from Mr Andrzej. I will repeat what the students said – we want more!!!
Monika Kocambasi
Monika Kocambasi Sonova Polska Sp. z o. o.
In April our company organized The Annual Meeting of Distributors and Friends of the Phonak Brand. One of the permanent elements of the Meeting is the Education Center, in which the invited guests share their knowledge,experience and passionwith the participants, supporting them in their professionalas well as personal projects. This year we have invited Mr. Cichocki - Life and Business Coach. [...] The key to success was the form of presentation and selection of the subject.Mr. Cichocki’s personality and experience contributed to a brilliant contact with the participants during the more static presentation parts which in later workshops transformed into a great commitment and enthusiasm in the performance of assigned tasks.[...]I can highly recommend Mr. Cichocki recognizing him as highly reliable professional.