The Passion of Selling

Have you ever wondered why some salespeople are more effective than others? Why do some salespeople have an efficiency of transactions that they conducted at a level of 70-80% while others have an efficiency of only 10-20%? And others say that this particular product just „can't be sold”?

Have you thought what it would be like to go to every sales meeting being certain that you are so well prepared that the probability of a successful sale is nearly 80%?

Think about it....You conduct 10 sales meetings and you have 8 successfully closed deals. Can you feel it? The environment of salesmen treats you with respect, and your clients know that they are served by the most professional salesman they have ever met. Your income increases every month- basically, only you can limit it. Your competencies also increase systematically. Not only do you become a salesman but you also become an authority and an expert. You become your client's best counselor- a professional earning very decent money.

„Targets” are only new challenges, not concerns.

Think about your sales process- if you find elements in it that pose a difficulty to you or that you would just like to develop- keep reading. This information is for you. „The Passion for Sales” will bring you extraordinary and unique benefits!

Do you have your own business and work for yourself? Or maybe you have a full-time job and work for someone?

Join the group of people who are the best at what they do- at selling!


  • You will get to know and understand the process of selling.
  • You will get to know sales methods, such as: Classic, SPIN, and others.
  • You will get to know and understand efficient rules of sales as well as customer service.
  • You will learn how to communicate in order to achieve a set goal.
  • You will get to know methods of managing personal activity.
  • You will reach a totally new business level.

Thanks to this training you will join a group of people who can become the best at what they do. It will be an important step in your development, based on practical elements used in the sales process. You will obtain both hard and soft sales tools. After this training session sales will never be the same again. There are, however, two conditions: you have to attend this training session and use the knowldege that you will be given.

Who is this training for?
Salespeople, managers, and anybody who would like to learn how to sell.

The form of the training: a seminar, workshop activities.

The scope:

- types of sales
- efficient sales rules in practice
- communication
- managing personal activity
- the classical method
- the sequential method
- the sales process

The aim of the training:

  • Improving the participants' sales competencies
  • Learning how to be effective and professional in sales
  • Increasing the participants' level of income

Participants about "Passion of Selling:

  • Andrzej is a person who has experienced a lot in his lifetime. The knowledge that he conveys during the training is incredible. I have learned a lot from his training and I received great motivation to take action.
    Hubert Burdzy
  • Andrzej, it was great meeting you and I enjoyed listening to your seminar. Thank you for your knowledge and experience that you shared.
    Tomasz Telej
  • Thank you for a creative and informative workshop! See you around!

    Piotr Dąbrowski


BASIC - 157 zł (1 day)